Meet the Makers: Gearbox Speakers’ Series

Our Gearbox Speakers’ Series hosts CLE-area Makers from a variety of fields for quick TED-style talks about their Maker-verse.  Stop in the Indoor Reading Garden (Louis Stokes Wing, 1st floor) and explore CLE Making of all kinds! 

11 am    Keith Allen 
Paper Engineering: Bringing Paper to Life


A few simple folds brings paper to life as exciting, interactive pop-up books: Keith shares the process that of designing and creating his most recent book What a Mess!   download   download-1 @5ambook  download@5am_popup

11:30 am   Jeff Bargiel
Termite Biomimicry


Termite digestion is 99% efficient. Can we copy their secrets? What would you do with a bottle of synthetic termite spit? Learn how EntoBio developed Liquid Termiteâ, non-toxic, organic herbicide and other applications.

Jeff Bargiel, is the founder and CEO of EntoBio which develops new, innovative agricultural biotechnology products. He has a Master of Science in Physics Entrepreneurship from Case Western Reserve University.

12 pm   Jason Karikas
Stereolunography: Lunar Colonization via 3D Printing (3D printing houses on the moon!)


Although its proliferation in the mainstream is relatively recent, NASA has long been employing 3D printing as an integral component in endeavors ranging from space travel to in-orbit manufacturing.  The European Space Agency recently made public their vision for the future of space exploration: a 3D-printed lunar village built with concrete made from moon rocks.  As space-bound collaboration between the public and private sectors continues to increase, emerging additive manufacturing capabilities would allow us to have our own intergalactic timeshares by 2030!  Join Jason as he explains how we’re 3D printing our way off this rock and what that means for the future of science, manufacturing and space commercialization.

Jason is a snow globe sensei, 3D-printing hype-beast, internet of things evangelist, creative instigator and immortal nerd.
download @captplannedit   @immortalnerd

1 pm   Kurt Thonnings
Junior Solar Sprint and KidWind


Westlake’s Lee Burneson Middle School Students are active in two STEM-related activities: the Junior Solar Sprint and KidWind.  These project-based activities ask the students to design, build, test and compete in either model solar cars or model wind turbines.  Learn how the next generation is gearing up to create green-energy applications for our future.

Kurt works wtih students at Westlake’s Lee Burneson Middle School.    download-1

1:30 pm  Shannon Okey
Niche Publishing for Creative People 


Learn how indie authors and a fresh-thinking publishing house bring beautiful books from creative people to creative people.

Shannon is the mastermind behind Cooperative Press, a revolutionary publishing house for creative people who make stuff!

logo-2       download-1knitgrrl

2 pm R2-D2 Builders Club: These Are the Droids You’re Looking For!
 r7-a2    index_13

Join members of the Midwest R2-D2 Builders’ Club to learn about their community of droid builders, get an overview of the build process and check out a working R2 model which will roam the event throughout the day. Don’t miss it!