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Here’s What’s Happening at CMMF 2016!

Cleveland Mini Maker Faire 2016 has FREE hands-on fun for everyone!  Kids and parents can work together to learn and build things, adults can learn or improve Maker skills of all kinds and everyone can enjoy a day of play, exploration, excitement and just plain fun!

Here’s an overview of the events and activities of the day.  Check out the complete program for full information.


All workshops are FREE!*

  • Art of the Glitch with Corey Johnson
  • Book Binding with the Nomadic Bookshelf
  • DoodleBots workshops for kids with Steven Gutierrez
  • Internet-Controllable LED Lights with Tom Hammond
  • Intro to Drone Videography with ArQuest Digital Media (Leatron Twitty)
  • Kinetic Sculptures: Art in Motion with Chris Young
  • Learn to Solder LED Badges with Makers’ Alliance
  • Noise Maker PLAYshop with fluxmonkey (Bob Drake)
  • Papercrafts in 3D with Cleveland Public Library’s TechCentral
  • Paper Marbling with the Cleveland Digital Public Library
  • Papermaking with the Cleveland Digital Public Library
  • Paracord Bracelets MakerLab with Cleveland Public Library’s TechCentral
  • Spirograph Robots with Cleveland Public Library’s TechCentral
* Workshop space is limited.  Some workshops may be age-restricted or require children 12 and under to work with a parent/guardian.  Check for information at the registration/welcome desk when you arrive at the Mini Maker Faire! 


  • Art of the Glitch by Corey Johnson
  • Artisan Sign Painting and Gilding with Alan Giberson
  • Bike Cleveland
  • Bob Drake, a.k.a. fluxmonkey
  • Central Ohio RepRap & MakerBot Users’ Group (CORMUG)
  • Children’s Museum of Cleveland
  • Cleveland Digital Public Library
  • Cleveland Game Developers
  • Cleveland Locksport
  • Cleveland Museum of Natural History
  • Cleveland Quad Squad mans the Drone Zone!
  • Cleveland’s Mobile Fab Lab
  • Decorative Ropework with Mark Pape
  • Dr. U. R. Awesome, Bubbleologist
  • DRS Prototyping presents Wooden Hand-Made DDR Arcade Pads
  • Experiments in Digital Art Augmented Reality Sandbox with Thomas Zimmerman
  • Fire and Light Performing Arts
  • FRC Team 2399: The Fighting Unicorns of Hathaway Brown School
  • Garage Gears and Gadgets
  • Giant Robotic Claw by the Tesla Orchestra
  • Great Lake Erie Boat Float (Cleveland Office of Sustainability)
  • Great Lakes Science Center
  • Homeless Equaliser Project by Farai Q. Malianga
  • Makers’ Alliance
  • MakerVision
  • NASA Glenn Research Center
  • Ohio City Bicycle Co-Op
  • Outlab Free Jazz
  • Projections by Jim Lasko
  • R2 Builders’ Club (
  • Radio Daze and Cool Illustrations with SteamHat
  • RGI Photobooth: take a selfie with Cleveland’s Maker past
  • Shade Flex
  • Shaker Heights High School Engineering
  • Sol Flex
  • Stofiel Aerospace
  • Stardrop Circus
  • Theater Ninjas present Last Day Puzzles
  • Things of Shapes by Kevin Schlei & Becky Yoshikane
  • Trebuchet (including Pumpkin Chunkin’!)
  • Tri-C’s Youth Technology Academy
  • UHBikes!
  • University of Toledo Maker Society
  • Uno Lady

Speakers and Presenters

  • Gearbox Speaker’ Series
    • Keith Allen discussing Paper Engineering: Bringing Paper to Life   
    • Jeff Bargiel of EntoBio discusses Termite Biomimicry
    • Jason Karikis of Immortal Nerd discusses Stereolunography: Lunar Colonization via 3D Printing (3D Printing Houses on the Moon!)
    • Kurt Thonnings of Westlake Lee Burneson Middle School discussing Junior Solar Spirit and KidWind
    • Shannon Okey of Cooperative Press discussing Niche Publishing for Creative People 
  • Drone Videography and 360 Degree Video with ArQuest Digital Media
  • Erie Heights Brass Ensemble
  • Intellectual Property:  If You Make It, Protect It!   An introduction to protecting your intellectual property from the Government Documents Department/Patent and Trademark Resource Library at the Cleveland Public Library
  • These Are the Droids You’re Looking For with the R2 Builders’ Club (


  • Bike Cleveland
  • Crafts and Beads with D’Juana Philpott
  • Different Things Gallery 
  • DRS Prototyping presents Wooden Hand-Made DDR Arcade Pads
  • Flamingo Prints
    Friends of the Cleveland Public Library Gift Shop
  • Nomadic Bookshelf 
  • OH Green Machine Food Truck