Calling CLE Makers of ALL Types

Do you want to share your amazing project with the best community ever?

There’s still time! The Call for Makers is now open until October 15, and makers of all stripes are encouraged to apply.

Here are just some of the types of projects we’re looking for:
Student projects
Homegrown (or modified) drones
Arduino projects
Raspberry Pi
Space projects
Food makers (not concessionaires)
Beer makers
Conductive materials projects
Kit makers
Interactive art projects
3D printers and CNC mills
Textile arts (weaving, sewing, embroidery, upcycling fashion and more!)
Fiber arts (knitting, spinning, crochet and more)
Home energy monitoring
Rockets and RC toys
Sustainability & green tech
Radios, vintage computers, and game systems
Gaming and game development
Electric vehicles
Science, biology/biotech, and chemistry projects
Puppets, kites, and other whimsical creations
Bicycles (bike hacking, upcycling bikes, pimp your ride and so on!)
Large-scale art
Art installations
Shelter (tents, domes, etc.)
Music performances and participation
Unusual tools or machines
How to fix things or take them apart (vacuums, clocks, washing machines, etc.)

To apply to be a maker, visit Call for Makers and explore the rest of this site for photos, info about past Cleveland Mini Maker Faires and more.

Don’t miss the fun!

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