Monthly Archives: April 2014

An Awesome Sucess!

If you missed this year’s Cleveland Mini Maker Faire, you missed something really awesome.  How do we measure awesome?  There are always numbers.  Those help:

  • Over 100 Makers (up from fewer than 50 last year)
  • Nearly 4,000 attendees (up from around 2,000 last year)
  • More sponsors, all of whom are awesome (see them all here)
  • 2 Buildings
  • 8 Floors
  • 1 pretty bad snowstorm (which wasn’t so awesome)

But numbers only tell part of the story.  Saturday was awesome because everyone seemed to come to the event from such a good place that was truly about sharing, learning, and doing.  The awesome photos from Frank Lanza really say it all!  Enjoy!