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Featured Exhibitor: Revere Robotics

Say hi to Team 5249 from Revere High School, a non-profit organization that creates a robot to compete in the FIRST Robotics Competitions. Each year, the team must gain sponsors and donations to provide materials to build a robot for a specific competition in only 6 weeks. Today they will demonstrate their first robot that competed in the Buckeye Regional Competition held at the Wolstein Center on the CSU campus. Try your hand at driving this robot or the other demonstration bot!

Use Design of Experiments Methods to Build A Better Paper Helicopter (or Just About Anything)

From grade school through graduate school, most of us were taught that the way to investigate or manage a complex process is to study one variable at a time while holding all of the other variables constant. This method is flawed and frequently leads to incorrect, suboptimal solutions. The correct approach, called Design of Experiments (DOE), can be demonstrated and learned using simple toys such as paper helicopters.

Learn the basic principles of DOE methods (the math and statistics will be kept to a minimum) and apply what you’ve learned by building and optimizing your own paper helicopter design. Tools and materials will be provided. Subscriptions to Make magazine will be awarded for the paper helicopter with the longest flight time and the paper helicopter that displays the best artwork during flight. Contest participants will compete in two fly-offs from the library’s main floor balcony with judging by the audience.

Featured Exhibit: Ultrasonic Space Mass Scale


Check out this description from one of our youngest exhibitors! (6th grade) have built a proto-type of a unique device that measure precisely the mass (not weight!) of an astronaut in micro-gravity such as International Space Station. Without gravity, you know your weight scale really doesn’t work well. So here is my goal: to design, build, and test a proto-type using an ultrasonic distance sensor operated on Arduino microcontroller that is light and compact. The project provide not only physics learning opportunity for kids (my peers!) but also nice, little hands-on activity. People can try push-button to start the system and see the sensor system actually measure the mass (well, weight…on earth) of a rolling Bocci ball. It is also a great way to chat about Arduino projects and how to work with relay and solenoid with it.


Featured Exhibit: The Red Heart Method

Visitors will learn how to hand stamp metal for jewelry & accessories. There will also be a station for kids crafts using recycled materials, alongside traditional art supplies. The Red Heart Method was started in 2012 and is an exploration of tapping into hidden creativity. Stop by on the 2nd floor of the Main Building!

Featured Exhibit: Tethered Photography by Ross Bochnek

Tethered Photography facilitates the use of a computer screen as a remote monitor to compose and back up images via computer.  Here, photography or videography is the main task; unlike telepresence, communication, and computing tasks including teleconferencing, teleoperation, Augmented Reality, teledirecting, or computer vision.  Some applications of Tethered Photography include; timelapse, focus stacking, custom shutter triggering for nature or high-speed imaging, extreme mounting angles, and candid photography. Catch it at the Faire!


Featured Exhibit: Street Songs

The Erie Heights Brass Ensemble is taking it to the streets with a program of street songs. Inspired by the Song Map, every piece on the program can be found on the map, even if we had to write it in on back. So come listen to Liverpool’s Penny Lane and London’s Baker Street, along with New Orleans’ Basin Street Blues, or hear the Country Roads take you back home. Check it out on the 3rd floor of the Main Library! 

Featured Exhibit: Spring Therapy with the Geologic Cognition Society

Spring Therapy is an immersive multisensory experience in a pod environment featuring a musical piece designed to mimic the day-night cycles in seasonal change. Participants enter the pod structure and listen to the music piece while laying on their backs. Video is projected onto the ceiling of the pod, and binaural beats work with the participants to induce relaxation and to create a sense of organic growth much like that in springtime. This project is grounded in the embodied cognition hypothesis which asserts that we actually use our bodies to think. Check out the GCS website here and stop by on the first floor of the Main Library!

Featured Exhibitor: Soulcraft Woodshop

Soulcraft Woodshop is a community woodworking shop in which the public can access the space and equipment to make their own projects or to take a class. Additionally, we house 8 independent furniture designers who are growing their own companies. It’s a place brimming with creative energy! Find them on the 2nd floor of the Main Building! 

Featured Exhibit: S.A.R.A.

S.A.R.A. – (synesthetic augmented reality application) is an App exploring the potential of using a mobile device as a unique and wearable musical interface. S.A.R.A. was originally developed as a standalone App to translate the surrounding environment into sounds on mobile devices (iPhone and Android) creating a digitally augmented synesthetic experience. The imagery captured via the mobile device’s onboard camera is translated into synesthetic-inspired sounds. Discover it in the Main Building in 2nd Floor Lobby!

The 2014 Program

It’s up and ready to go!  Is it perfect!  No!  Will there be changes!  Yes!  But it gives you a darned good idea of what you’ll be able to see and do on Saturday.  Check it out here:  Link

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