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Photos from the April 13, 2013

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Photo credit: Frank Lanza

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Meet the Makers: High Definition Video for Community Purposes

Phil Shapiro
in Make Change, Make Games & Enter the Lightbox (Floor 2)

The purpose of the workshop is to show and explain that it’s possible to create great looking Blu-Ray video disks (using inexpensive DVD media), without spending a lot of money. This workshop will be taught using a $300 Canon Vixia high definition camcorder and Roxio Toast 11 disk burning software for Macintosh computers. This workshop will also explain and show how to get great audio and lighting for your homemade high definition videos. Lastly, this workshop will show how you can distribute (for free) your community-themed BluRay DVD disks via the Internet Archive.

Phil Shapiro works as the public geek at the Takoma Park Maryland Library, a small public library in the suburbs of Washington DC. He is interested in digital storytelling as a tool for weaving social fabric. He uses storytelling tools on all computer platforms, but spends most of his time advocating for the use of open source software. His most proud YouTube video is titled: Adding the Roof to an Art Museum in Google SketchUp, a screencast that explains how to add the headshot of an artist to a virtual art museum created using Google SketchUp. Phil’s blog posts can be found at


Meet the Makers: Make and Take Kinetic Light Rattles

Jenn Figg and Matthew McCormack
in Make Change, Make Games & Enter the Lightbox (Floor 2)

In this workshop participants will make a small rattle with LED lights that illuminate when shaken without any batteries! Participants will learn basic electronics, soldering techniques and origami (paper folding). No previous experience with electronics or origami is required. This workshop is suitable for children, teens, and adults (although we ask that for younger children 10 and under the parents stick around to supervise). Perseids, named after the annual meteor shower, is a visual instrument based on rattles. When shaken, metal ball bearings impact and vibrate the walls of quartz crystal elements, generating electricity. Hard shakes of the instrument produce bright flashes of light, while softer oscillations produce gentle flickers of light.

Jenn Figg and Matthew McCormack collaborate to investigate the connections between ecology, industry, and science. Their research interests include exploring sustainability and energy production through art installations and kinetic objects using sound and light, and are working with dancers and percussionists to develop interactive, human-powered artworks. Selected exhibitions and performances have been at The Art House in Austin, TX, Virginia MOCA in Virginia Beach, VA, Arlington Art Center in Arlington, VA, MOCA Cleveland in Cleveland, OH, The Print Center in Philadelphia, PA, the Toledo Museum of Art in Toledo, OH, the National Museum of Glass in Eskisehir, Turkey, The Center of Science and Industry in Columbus, OH and the Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh, PA.

kinetic light rattle

Meet the Makers: Thinking With Things: How To Answer Some Tough Questions With Play-doh, Pipe-cleaners & Beads

Sharon M. Wasco
in Make Change, Make Games & Enter the Lightbox (Floor 2)

Inspired by relatively recent developments in neuroscience and philosophy, and wisdom from pedagogy and the arts, this workshop is grounded in the evidence that cognition is embodied. I will facilitate a demonstration of the power of hands-on participation in fostering group interaction. Working together, participants will use familiar physical materials to create and share tangible responses to a difficult question.

Sharon M. Wasco, PhD, is a community psychologist and maker of change. Convinced by early experiences as a child welfare caseworker and victim advocate that groups of people can push back against even the most daunting of problems, Sharon works today as a consultant to leaders within the movement against sexual violence. The introduction of familiar and friendly objects such as Lego bricks, construction paper, and glue sticks has transformed the way she works with diverse groups. Today, she lugs her beads and buttons, Play-doh and sticky notes across various state lines trying to solve problems tough enough to keep her up some nights. Commitments to collaboration, diversity and pluralism guide her work.


Meet the Makers: I-Dawson

Shariq Ali, Adam Bettcher, Mykie Hrusovski, Henry Reed, Jason Turnidge
in Make Change, Make Games & Enter the Lightbox (Floor 2)

I-Dawson is a field goal kicking simulator that uses a series of mechanical and electronic components to “kick” a paper football toward, and with any luck, through a scaled field goal. The simulator is operated by a microprocessor that also controls a defensive “opponent” that will randomly appear, jump and block the field goal attempt. The project is affectionately named after Browns kicker Phil Dawson, who some speculate, may also be partly mechanical.

We are a Cleveland-based Collective of Architects and Engineers – buildings both fear and respect us. We work with responsive design and intelligent components in our professional lives, and tinker with them as hobbyists because we can. We are interested in forging the raw ore of commonly-found technology into brilliant, explosively spectacular solutions to the world’s most important problems.

paper football

Meet the Makers: Miser Magazine’s Magical Nontechnical Page Construction

Miser Magazine
in Printing Point & Cool Chemistry (Floor 1)

Magical Nontechnical Page Construction is meant to encourage people who might not otherwise submit their art for publication to take an active role in the content that is being produced in Cleveland. With materials as simple as paper and art supplies, we intend to create an inclusive atmosphere for both experienced and inexperienced artists. So draw, paint, make a collage or write out a poem! Our favorites will be scanned, uploaded and voted for online, and the top few will be printed in an upcoming issue!

Miser Magazine features artists and writers throughout Northeast Ohio and the surrounding areas, regardless of name recognition. A free bimonthly magazine, our growth is largely dependent on the support and involvement of our community. Printed in a garage and hand-stapled and distributed, each issue takes on its own personality. It is our belief that if you look closely enough, you can find great things in ordinary places.


Meet the Makers: Altered City: Michael Nekic’s Visions of the Rust Belt

Kokoon Arts Gallery – William Scheele
in Printing Point & Cool Chemistry (Floor 1)

We will exhibit some of Michael Nekic’s digital images with a display monitor slideshow and as giclee prints. Michael has spent years photographing the Cleveland region, transforming the photos with computer graphic software programs into an amazing variety of magical and compelling images. His signature style of imaging aesthetics involves complex manipulations of color, form and texture.

Kokoon Arts Gallery has represented the digital art of Michael Nekic for the past ten years.


Meet the Makers: Stop Motion Video with the Youth Artists of NewBridge Cleveland

NewBridge Cleveland Youth Program (NBCCAT)
in Tech Know (Floor 0)

Be a movie maker for a day! Learn from the best of the Young and Younger Video Artists of NewBridge. Stop at one of our 3 stations within our booth to make your own FUN video short using stop motion animation. We provide basic props and USB flash drives on which to save your short film. A wonderful interactive activity for families and friends.

NewBridge Cleveland’s Youth Program is a dynamic after-school arts program for High School students in the metro Cleveland area. The Youth Program of NewBridge Cleveland offers after-school courses in Ceramics, Digital Arts, Music Recording and Production, and Photography / Video to 9th, 10th, and 11th graders … and starting Summer 2013, 12th graders. Classes are taught in 2-day tracks during 8 week quarters through out the academic year and summer. Instruction using state of the art pro-consumer equipment, is provided by professional artists from the Cleveland area. Our Teaching Artists for the Mini Makers Faire are Professional Photographers and Film Makers, Mr. Robert Banks, Mr. Donald Black, Jr., and Mr. McKinley Wiley. Come join us for a FUN day!


Cleveland Mini Maker Faire April 13th!


The first annual Cleveland Mini Maker Faire is coming up on Saturday, April 13 from 10 am – 6:00 pm at the Cleveland Public Library’s downtown branch (325 Superior Ave., N.E. Cleveland, OH 44114.)

Check out the awesome talks schedule here: Link

6 Floors of Awesome Maker Exhibits (50+!).  Read all about there here: Link

It’s all free and is for people of all ages to learn, discover, create, and play along with “makers” and creators from the region’s business, non-profit, and scholastic sectors.

Meet the Makers: King Midget Kit Car

Mike and Matt Beebe
in Tech Know (Floor 0)

This Exhibit is to show people a physical example of what King Midgets are close up and in person. These are cars were originally produced in the 1950s and 1960s in Athens Ohio and we are now bringing them back to life in a Kit Car version. The Kit will mirror the original in size and style but will be based on modern parts which are readily available today. Many of the features of the original was common technology for that time. Since then things like wheel hubs, shocks, and the lack of safety features have been remedied.

Midget Motors Supply is a company that has been dedicated to the restoration of original King Midget vehicles by providing parts for these cars. The Beebe family has been in this business for the last 12 years and now they are going forward with the production of a kit car based on King Midget’s most popular model. King Midget cars were produced originally in the late 40s all the way through 1970 and were sold out of the back of Popular Science magazines as kits. Now as questions arise about the future of transportation power people are realizing that smaller vehicles may be the best tool for the job.

Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 12.54.34 PM